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Spy Photos

Spy Photo's
Production Testing

Stage testing of the production Safari rack:

New Elements

  • Roof mount brackets

  • Custom cog tie downs

  • Mesh floor thickness and patterns

Safari Rack Systems ....

Now this spy shot showed our recent affiliation with KC Highlights and features a full safari rack system roof rack.


Looks like the mega-logo doubles a built in tie down feature - high rails for large loads.


Rumor has it it will adapt to a custom hard shell Mega-Tent on top.


Our rear bumper "spied" at the shop showed features of tow points, shaped end plates that allow for steep climbing and built in towing features.

It looked like a modular compact design, low profile, snug and tight to the frame ....

Stay tuned for updates.

Covid-19 is not holding everyone back.  One of the "Mega-Mike Team Tribe" members was spotted after less than one week from purchasing the Hydro3 Plus to having a complete system installed. They now has hot & cold running water and compressed air in their Jeep TJ.

When it hits the trail this weekend we will feature the full story .... stay tuned!

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