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celebrating national dog day

Dogs have a well-deserved reputation as man's best friend. For longer than recorded history, dogs have been at our sides providing everything from security to companionship

Make my day - I can get to the gate in 3.4 seconds - can you?

Today, dogs continue to prove themselves as valuable (and adorable) members of society. While we can show our appreciation with treats and belly rubs, we humans have taken it a step further with the creation of National Dog Day, a holiday specifically for celebrating our canine friends.

Its also been a special week - our shop GSD "Daisy" decided to go on a safari with us or a Jeep. Luckily she was picked up by a friendly local area landscaper who found our home from flyers we had posted.

See - there is hope for humanity in this world. So go rejoice National Dog Day with mans best friend (other that a Jeep). LoL.

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