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Gladiator Hype 2

With the release of the Jeep Gladiator finally over, the expected hype of what features, what's the cost, how much over MSRP, is all done and dusted - whats next?

Yep you guessed it "Hype 2 - Aftermarket parts". The team at Mega -Mikes have been scouring the blogs-posts-internet and local shops and we have come across some tasty tid bits.

In our home backyard we came across the above Gladiator rig in the Metalcloak yard. We saw the custom shock systems, fenders in various stages of fit, front bumper with Warn winch, and a rear box rack. A chat with the guy in sales indicated that they were in the process of dissembling the parts - R&D fit and finish type stuff me thinks.

Online we also noted some builds from EVO, JcrOffroad, Quadratec, Xtreme Terrain, Northridge4x4, Synergy, and Rebel off-road to name a few.

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