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The Hydro3 System for Gladiator product from Mega-Mikes Adventure Products is the completely self contained housing assembly and all ancillary fixtures and parts to completely install a fully functional system into your Jeep JT.


When installed in the Gladiator vehicle, it is 100% contained within the vehicle. This includes heat Exchanger, Marine Water Pump, and Suction Hose fixture.

Hydro3 System for Gladiator

  • Hydro3 System for Gladiator allows for internally or externally carried water and air systems through secure discreetly routed piping and fixtures on the insert housing unit. The hot water comes direct from heat exchangers and any water tanks and compressed air supply pumps or pressurized tanks (not supplied) that can be easily accessed or added.


    This product specifically relates to a water/air outlet for the Jeep vehicle for on-road and primarily off-road usage for supply.


    Hydro3 Plus Package Details


    Hydro3 Gladiator -Housing Insert        



    Housing Insert Fixtures         



    Heat Exchanger (includes all fixtures)    



    Water Pump 2.8GPM/12v (includes all fixtures)     



    Suction Hose (includes all fixtures)         



    Ancillary Supplies (all fixtures and piping)    


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