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The Hydro3 product from Mega-Mikes Adventure Products is a completely self contained housing assembly to provide a convenient hot and cold water, and compressed air outlet supply on the exterior of a Jeep JK Wrangler vehicle mounted and is 100% contained within the vehicle.


Hydro3’s heritage comes from the motor racing industry with design and production quality from Armstrong Racing Engineers who have been building and using these quality robust type aluminum products for over 40 years. California based, they have product derivatives in formula one and LeMan winning cars. 


Hydro3 products differs from flush mounted and or protruding devices currently available. The design is recessed into the side of the vehicle with as a self-containing housing and provides a clean look with protection for the hose bibs and air chuck assemblies and outlets.


Hydro3 allows for internally or externally carried water and air systems through secure discreetly routed piping and fixtures on the insert housing unit. The hot water comes direct from heat exchangers and any water tanks and compressed air supply pumps or pressurized tanks (not supplied) that can be easily accessed or added.


This product specifically relates to a water/air outlet for the Jeep vehicle for on-road and primarily off-road usage for supply.

Hydro3 Insert

  • The Hydro3 is a very robust modular cast housing outlet that is powder coated that can be installed as a third-party add-on to the vehicle and mounted on the opposite side-rear of the gas cap filler (Jeep JKs).


    Hydro3 Package Details


    Air Chuck Quick Connect - Brass 1/4"


    Faucet Hose Bib 1/2" - Brass Cold Tap (Blue)    



    Faucet Hose Bib 1/2" - Brass Hot Tap (Red)    



    Faucet Hose Bib Treaded Cover - Brass    



    Allen Head Bolts-SS-1/4 20        



    Nut Rivets 1/4 20            



    Brass Bushing 1/2 x 1/4"            



    Hydro3 - Rubber Gasket            



    PEX BARB Male Adaptor 1/2"        



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