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Bitchen Kitchen


Access your kitchen anytime, anywhere.
Slide and start cooking.

Bitchen Kitchen slide open

What does it do?

Slide and start cooking on your complete tailgate kitchen in mere seconds. Featuring a 17" Blackstone Griddle, circular sink or removable tub, and two 18" maple cutting boards, the Bitchen kitchen has all you need to prepare and serve meals while overlanding in the wild, all without complicated setup and takedown. Install the Bitchen Kitchen on any 5' or longer truck bed.

Pictured shows optional 6" and 2" modular sliding drawers for additional storage sold separately.

A Jeep Gladiator with the complete Mega Mikes Bitchen Kitchen mounted in truck bed


Complete your Bitchen Kitchen with additional modular storage drawers and accessory mounting panels mounted directly to the main unit.
See the 3" open top slide, 6" enclosed drawer, and molle side panels.

Food being cooked on Bitchen Kitchen


17" propane Blackstone Griddle
14" circular sink
1/8" powder-coated aluminum
500lb rated drawer slides
2 - 18"x12" Maple cutting boards
Stainless Steel hardware (included)
Enclosed spice rack
26"x 18" Food Storage drawer

Bitchen Kitchen circular sink


Weight: 155lb
0.90 Aluminum construction
Hardware and instructions included