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Spend less time setting up.
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Mega Mikes has innovative solutions for your off-grid adventures. From hydration to meal preparation, Mega Mikes Adventure Products is the go-to overland accessory manufacturer.


Side of overlanding outfitted Jeep Gladiator with the Hydro3 control panel



The Hydro3 System is the complete hydration solution for your overlanding rig. The Hydro3 System will take water from virtually any source and deliver it to the compact outlets mounted conveniently on your truck bed.

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Bitchen Kitchen slide open


Slide and start cooking on your complete tailgate kitchen in seconds. Features a 17" Blackstone Griddle, circular sink, and two 18" maple cutting boards, the Bitchen kitchen has all you need to prepare and serve meals while in the wild.

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Timing is everything! Came across Mega-Mike on the Fordyce trail and noticed a water system on his rear panel. Ended up getting a firsthand look at the new Hydro3 water system and knew we had to have it! Just recently finished with the install on our TJ and it is awesome!! If you like to disappear on the trail for days at a time, this thing is a game changer!! Thank you Mega-Mikes Adventure Products, your crew and products are top shelf!!!!

- Laura Goff Vegors

Mega Mike's fabricated a custom step for the swim deck on our houseboat and did an amazing job! It was done quickly, and turned out better than we expected- the attention to detail and quality was outstanding.

- Bridgett Hodkin

Mega Mike's adventure products are high quality products, they are innovative and extremely useful.If you like offloading/camping you'll love Mega Mike's products.

- Chris Lund