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The Hydro3 from Mega-Mikes Adventure Products is a robust, powder coated, cast aluminum insert. The completely self-contained insert has pre-installed faucets for hot and cold water and an air chuck providing a convenient outlet for hot and cold water, and compressed air.  The Hydro3 is vehicle mounted and 100% contained within the vehicle. Recessed into the side of the vehicle, the innovative design of the Hydro3 provides a clean look and protection for the outlets, something no other product on the market offers.

Hydro3 allows for water and air to be carried through secure and discreetly routed piping to the insert. The hot water is fed through the heat exchanger from any external water source. The insert provides an outlet for compressed air that can integrate into a new or existing air set-up.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality to our customers, Mega-Mikes Adventure Products has the Hydro3 manufactured by motor racing industry experts, Armstrong Racing Engineers. For over 40 years, Armstrong has been manufacturing and using these quality, robust type, aluminum products. Based in California, they have product derivatives in Formula One and LeMan winning cars.

Originally designed to be mounted on a Jeep Wrangler JK, this versatile insert can be installed in any vehicle of your choice. Mega-Mikes Adventure Products offers three different options for purchase from just the insert to the complete set-up with additional amenities.


"Our Hydro3 series of products range from

$497 up to $1450


depending on which package you decide to order

This product is currently being upgraded in our engineering lab.Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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