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Hydro3 system


The complete water solution for your overlanding rig.
Pump, sanitize, filter, and heat your water.

Side of overlanding outfitted Jeep Gladiator with the Hydro3 control panel

What does it do?

The Hydro3 System is a revolutionary self contained hydration solution for your overlanding rig. The Hydro3 System will take water from almost any source and deliver it to hot and cold outlets mounted conveniently on your truck bed. Wash the dishes, clean the dog, or take hot showers with full pressure.

The 19gal tank and system mounts underneath your tuck bed, protected by a 1/4" aluminum skid plate. The large tank allows you potable water for days. The control unit mounts to the truck bed rail for easy access to high pressure hot and cold water.

Jeep Gladiator with Hydro3 System pumping water from stream


Enjoy safe drinking and cooking water supply whenever you are by a body of water or stream. At the push of a button, you can have potable water piped to your camp sink, shower, or storage tank.

The entire assembly is easily serviced by removal of the aluminum skid plate. The unit plumbing integrates a 3-way valve for easy emptying/cleaning.

Mega Mikes Hydro3 System on workbench


2.2 GPM water pump with on/off switch and function lights
2GPM rated heat exchanger (will heat 27°F to 100°F+)
19gal FDA approved water storage tank
0.5µ Hydronix carbon water filter
10,000hr rated AquiSense UV water disinfection with automatic failsafe shutoff
FDA approved tubing/fixtures
3-way valve to bypass or fill tank
Ready-to-plumb compressed air chuck

Mega Mikes Hydro3 system in shipping box


Dry Weight: 150lb
Control Unit:
1/8" aluminum powder-coated black
Stainless Steel face plate and fittings

10 gauge steel frame
1/4" aluminum skid plate