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hydro 3 gladiator_edited.jpg

The control unit that mounts inside on the bedrail, is made of 1/8 - inch aluminum and is tig welded, with a stainless-steel face plate for a clean finished look.


The framing that houses the pump, filter, UV light, circuit board, electric valve and a valve that switches between the suction line and the tank, is made from ten gage steel.  The skid plate that bolts and protects the system is made from 1/4 - inch aluminum.

Hydro3 allows for water and air to be carried through secure and discreetly routed piping to the insert. The hot water is fed through the heat exchanger from any external water source. The insert provides an outlet for compressed air that can integrate into a new or existing air set-up.


"Our Hydro3 for Gladiator series of products range from

$1800 up to $2800


depending on if you order the full package or decide on the kit


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