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Our philosophy is simple – We enjoy what we do and use the products we make.

Mega Mikes Adventure Products designs, makes, and supplies robust outdoor adventures products primarily for Jeeps.


Our mission is to optimize the adventure lifestyle, and make products that are truly functional, practical, and enhance your outdoor experience.

The Sierra Nevada foothills are our backyard and playground – not miles, but inches away! All of our products are born and bred in the region and environment. Our team has spent decades off-roading and exploring the terrain, ranging from family camping trips to extreme rock crawling and snow recovery missions. This includes the world renowned Rubicon Trail - a 22-mile-long route due west of Lake Tahoe. Also the Fordyce Creek 4x4 Trail - an 11 mile trail that is lightly trafficked and often purported to be more challenging than even the Rubicon.

After years of fabricating and modifying equipment for our own use, we decided to share our expertise by developing products we could offer to like-minded individuals on a broad scale. We take pride in the fact that everything we make (or break) through research and development is rigorously tested on our own vehicles, in the harshest of conditions.  

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Michael Hodkin
Chief Adventure Officer

Meet “Mega-Mike”, he’s not only the Chief Adventure Officer – he's also our chief product designer and R&D Guru for all the products we make. Whether he’s out on trail rides with friends or hard at work in the field testing products - he’s the trail blazing guy always at the head of the pack!

If you can’t reach him, it's not that he’s ignoring you! He’s usually so far out in the wilderness testing products on his Jeep, there’s no cell service!

In addition to being an avid “Jeeper” and outdoor adventurer,  “Mega Mike” is also the consummate family man and an artisan with a plasma cutter – if you can think it up – he can craft it. If he’s not occupied with his four kids, two dogs, two cats or five chickens, he’s in the garage with his Jeep,  working on designs for new products.

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Andrew Brigg
Adventure Marketing Guru

This is “Android” our irrepressible marketing maven and co-owner with Michael Hodkin. He makes the Mega-Mikes R&D products into the business and marketing reality you see today. 

He brings over 40 years of international and domestic experience in business development, management, training, engineering, and R&D within multiple disciplines and business sectors; essentially the full spectrum of business understanding from a complete product execution to market. 

Yes he's an olde fart … but watch out for old age and treachery!

“Mega-Mike” coined the phrase - “We get you there and back” and Android truly supports that message, having been stuck many a time in the Canadian wilderness of the great white north whilst working in the outback during his days as a surveyor and construction manager in the 70’s.

Rufus Compressed.jpg
Rufus GSD
Security Detail

We are not only ardent Jeep adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts – we also love German Shepard's. 

It's pretty much a pre-requisite to have a GSD and be part of Mega Mikes. Rufus is testament to that end and can be relied on to guard and protect our products and team!

He can get to the gate in under 3 seconds and jump it – can you?

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